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Alpha Lending & Investments, LLC (ALI) is owned and led by an experienced team with significant operational, commercial, and investments experience in the Real Estate, Investment banking and financial world with a unique history of success. Our executive team has years of combined Real Estate and business experience. Whether is residential, commercial, planning, developing and management, they are experts that come together in each area of expertise. Their combined knowledge, backgrounds and talents are exactly the reason ALI has a unique vision – We will get you the financing that you need. Our clients are the most valued aspect of our business. When others say NO; we at least want to hear about your business or project. Even if we cannot help you; we will still be friends. We believe in family and true friendship! We are experts in using our extensive network of lending sources, realtors, attorneys, accountants, consultants and any other expert your project may need. We have built solid broker and client relationships. Because of our network and the use of technologies; we can provide a personal, quick and efficient process. The day to day at ALI became simple: Immediate response, multiple options, live interaction, and fast results. We thrive in making sure our clients have direct access to experts throughout every phase of the transaction. Every transaction in ALI is a positive and efficient process to meet the client’s needs; and we do it with joy. Our advantage is your advantage. We want you to build a relationship with a company that believes you are our top priority. We are all about relationships and you deserve the best customer service possible. Multiple Options: it has taken us many years to combine numerous program options of great benefit to our clients. This massive network allows us to find the best terms and rates for our clients, with multiple options and programs. From conventional, to fast and efficient private money options. You can find it all here with professionalism and common sense. Live Interaction: With ALI you have direct access to the experts in our network throughout every phase of your transaction. NO upfront fees. We are doing financing in a very different way!! If we cannot perform you don’t have to pay us. *(There may be some cases where some of our proven lenders may require a discrete retainer depending on the type of project).

Our History
In 2009, our CEO started very small but with a huge vision. ALI’s beginnings consisted in contacting lenders, brokers and trying to find clients all day long. No much success for a while there; due to the economic collapse. However, with persistence, success was around the corner. Our CEO was not happy with the coldness that you may find in the financial sectors of our society. So he decided to give a fresh approach with human heart and kindness to the financial industry. Now with headquarters offices in Winter Garden, Florida, ALI is very well established in the CRE industry for financial, projects financing, off-market investment properties. Also ALI is an expert when it comes to business financing and capital with fast results for our clients and friends.

ALI Mission
ALI offers Real Estate and financial solutions that help our clients succeed in their businesses. We build strong relationships with our clients and referral partners based on trust, fairness, and a clear understanding of their needs. Your success is our success.

ALI Vision
To deliver innovative, alternative financing solutions and highly personalized service to our clients and referral partners. To care about people by helping them to reach their goals.

ALI Values
We care deeply about our clients and are committed to treating everyone with fairness and respect. We success when our people success. We approach our client and partner relationships with creativity, integrity, and exceptional service. We use standards based on the word of God. We foster a positive, high-performance, entrepreneurial environment that encourages our employees to grow and flourish. Peace around us is the manifestation of our heart



Commercial Mortgages-(United States & 1st Position Only)

Program A - Full Documentation

• 4.25%-5.50% Rate
• 60 Month Fixed Term
• 20 Year Amortization (Up to 30 Year in some instances)
• 75% LTV Purchase
• 75% LTV Refinance
• Need Minimum Credit Score of 640
• Investment or Business Owner Occupied
• Full Recourse
• Most Commercial Property Types, Construction is Case by Case
• Need to show ability to pay loan "ON PAPER"
• $50,000 and up

Program B - True Stated Income “No 4506 Needed” Program

• 6.79%-8.95% Rate
• 36 Month or 60 Month Fixed Periods
• 30 Year Amortization & Term
• 60% MAX LTV Purchase
• 60% MAX LTV Refinance
• Need Minimum Credit Score of 650
• Investment Purposes Only
• Verified Assets
• Full Recourse
• Direct Fund
• 1-4 Unit OK, No Construction, Gas Station, or Church
• $100,000-$5.000.000

Program C PERM - (NIV-Non Income Verification)

• 8.99%-11.99% Rate
• 25 Year Fixed Terms Available
• 70% LTV Purchase
• 65% LTV Refinance
• Need Minimum Credit of 600 (LTV & Rate works this way higher the score better the deal)
• Interest Only Program (24-36 Months) for tougher credit scenarios (1.00-1.50 bpps bump)
• Investment or Owner-Occupied Business (SBA Turndown is okay)
• Full Recourse
• Direct Fund
• No Construction or Gas Station
• $50,000-$1,000,000

Program C BRIDGE - (NIV-Non Income Verification)

• 9%-11.99% Rate
• 6-24 Months – Interest Only
• 80% LTV Purchase, 70-75% LTV Refinance (Residential 1-4 Units)
• 75% LTV Purchase, 70-75% LTV Refinance (Multifamily & Mixed Use)
• Up to 100% LTC on Rehab and New Construction (Case by Case)
• Need Minimum Credit of 650
• No Debt Service Coverage
• Fix & Flip, Cash-Out Refinance, New Construction, Commercial
• Investment property only
• REO/Short Sale Savvy & Friendly, Speculator Friendly
• Full Recourse, First Lien, Experienced Developers & Investors only
• Direct Fund
• Nationwide (Except NV, AZ, ND, SD, VT)
• $100,000-$5,000,000

Program D - ("Hard" Hard Money)

• 11%-16% Rate
• 12-36 Months
• Interest Only
• 60% MAX LTV on Income Producing Properties
• 50% or Lower LTV on Renovation/Construction Deals
• Credit Score Not as Important
• Investment/Owner-Occupied Business
• Full Recourse
• Construction OK
• Special Purpose Properties OK
• Rehab/Renovation OK
• $50,000 and Up

Other Type

We understand that financing for any situation is not easy; but at least we want to hear your case. Where others say NO right away; we want to hear you!! We can't promise false hopes; but we want to see what you have and double check our possibilities to work with what you have! The worst it can happen is for us to say “sorry we can't help you; but we are still friends.”.



ALI provides advisory services and financial solutions for corporations, commercial properties and assets, construction loans and portfolios in a wide variety of markets with diverse needs. ALI has the worldwide capacity to offer and syndicate financial solutions through our substantial number of capital sources to provide the following:

Multifamily, Healthcare, Senior and Affordable Housing

ALI has developed a close relationship with one of the largest multifamily lenders in the country. Through this association, ALI can provide a wide arrange of services and solutions to investors in this industry. We can provide lending, advisory services, property management, acquisition and disposition of assets, development, HUD programs, Fannie and Freddie programs, private equity, among others. We can dive deeply into this industry and our associates are the top experts with a full range of financial and services solutions.

Rehab, New Construction and Development

If you are an experience Real Estate developer, you should think about uniting forces with ALI. We have developed close connections with funds, investors and lenders in this industry. We will advise you and put the best team of professionals around you, taking you to the next level.


Project Finance

Alpha Lending & Investments (ALI) is a direct financial advisory firm to a selected group of major world banks, private and public funds. ALI is the point of contact with experienced financing groups that are experts in many areas of global financing. Our network for project finance enjoys one of the best reputations in today’s market. ALI is the bridge between our clients and these funds. We work together as a team to make financing possible.

Our Associates have the capacity to provide primarily long-term debt and equity financing to private sponsors, developers, governments, and the infrastructure industry around the world. We are experts in finance structuring and even policy restructuring where necessary.

Our Associates finance both economic and social critical infrastructure including, but not limited to:

• Transportation
• Oil and gas
• Power
• Telecommunications
• Broadband
• Education
• Healthcare
• Housing
• Hospitality
• Airports and Ports
• Cybersecurity
• Technology infrastructure
• Economic development plans
• Nation Building Plans
• Other


Our Team

Francisco X. Piera - President

Francisco was born in Los Angeles, California, he has lived and worked in both the United States and Venezuela all his life. He started his career in real estate before studying finance at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For three generations, Francisco and his family have worked in real estate construction, development, financing and investments in the United States, Venezuela and Latin America. In 2009, Francisco founded Alpha Lending & Investments from his home in Caracas, Venezuela, since then he moved to the U.S. and was able to turn ALI into an international lending firm. He is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and enjoys working on funding transactions in the USA, Latin America and across the world. Francisco is very committed to his faith; he is especially passionate about the non-profit organization he created to help the less fortunate develop the good values they can use to improve every aspect of their lives. Francisco enjoys and is very passionate about life in general. He really enjoys his family and friends, camping, the outdoors, horses, sports, ministry and international travel among other.

Contact: francisco@alphali.com


Andrés E. Matos - Vice-president

Andres is Our Vice-President and main representative for the Asia Region. He is a Business Lawyer with experience in international infrastructure project funding and negotiation as well as contract drafting. Andres graduated from the Catholic University in Caracas-Venezuela and has a Master´s degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from the European Peace University in Austria. His practice has ranged from real estate and construction contract drafting to international trade and dispute resolution and corporate counsel. He has served in the board of ALI since 2015 as Vice President and Business Development as well as contract drafting-reviewing and pre-underwriting. Andres has lived and worked in more than 10 countries, speaks five languages and enjoys family life, reading business, philosophy, traveling and mountain biking. He is currently residing in Thailand.

Contact: amatos@alphali.com


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